btmembers: R package to import data on all members of the Bundestag since 1949

The Bundestag distributes biographical and election data on all its members since 1949. This data, however, is only available in XML, a format most social scientists will find difficult to work with. btmembers downloads the file “Stammdaten aller Abgeordneten seit 1949 im XML-Format” from the Bundestag website, converts it to a data frame, and recodes some of the variables. The unit of analysis is a member-term. The generated dataset contains more than 11,000 observations for more than 4,000 members of the Bundestag.

Other demonstrations in R

How to apply Oesch’s class schema on data from the European Social Survey (ESS) using R


Daniel Oesch (University of Lausanne) has developed a schema of social classes, which he discusses and applies in different publications. In this vignette, I show how to apply Oesch’s class schema on data from the European Social Survey (ESS) using R.

Identifying East and West Germans in the European Social Survey: A demonstration in R


This vignette describes the technique I have developed in my paper on “Generations and Protest in Eastern Germany.” It follows a political socialization approach and accounts for migration in Germany.

Using multiple imputation to improve the harmonization of repeated cross-national surveys


This vignette introduces a technique for coping with the problem of systematically missing data in longitudinal social and political surveys. I present a demonstration with the R mice package and data from the European Values Study.