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Protest and legacies of transition

Joly, P. (2019). Transition Spillovers? The Protest Behaviour of the 1989 Generation in Europe. SocArXiv. [Preprint]

This paper re-examines the well-documented gap of political participation between citizens of Western Europe and citizens of Central and Eastern Europe. Building on political socialization theory, it explores whether the deficit of participation in post-communist countries is moderated by previous experiences of mobilization. The study focuses on the protest behaviour of the 1989 generation, which is composed of citizens who reached political maturity during the collapse of communism.

Political socialization and the protest behavior of East Germans

Joly, P. (2018). “Generations and Protest in Eastern Germany: Between Revolution and Apathy.” Comparative Sociology, 17 (6), 704-737 [Published ]

This paper compares the protest behavior of East and West Germans across generations and over time. It concludes that East Germans, especially those who grew up during the Cold War, participate less in protest activities than West Germans from the same generation after controlling for other individual characteristics.